A Chef to be discovered!

“Mine is the cuisine of memory. On my personal childhood food memories I create the menu of my restaurant and continuously I dedicate my plats to what I experienced.”

Arcangelo totally embodies the history and tradition of the Roman food. He is really a the Roman …doc, precisely from the Roman Castelli. Born in 1962 he is the fourth generation of a great family of Roman restaurateurs, always devoted to good food and tradition.

The restaurant L’Arcangelo is his home, and it represents for him the place in which he can expresses all his passion for cooking. Welcoming his guests among his family photos and toys of hir childhood, this so emphasizes his personal idea that food is memory, is traveling, is language.

Recently he has also opened a unique corer of Roman street food, Supplizio, where he could get closer to young people promoting his project of street food.

Arcangelo Dandini

Chef at Restaurant L’Arcangelo

The Chef's books

Memoria a mozzichi
The Roman cuisine recipes according to a great chef

In this book chef Arcangelo tells the tradition of Roman cuisine by giving his own interpretation and dividing it into four different parts: the recipes of the Imperial Rome, the Jewish ‘giudia’ cuisine, the banquets of the Renaissance popes and finally the Testaccio cuisine, which is be the best known one.

An Host’s journey

This is not a simple book of gastronomy, but it is also a book of memories and a journey made by the chef Arcangelo, discovering his cuisine. The book’s name comes from one of the most delicate meat offal of butchering, which in humans corresponds to Timo, and is located exactly between the brain and the heart.