Ristorante L'Arcangelo a Roma
Ristorante L'Arcangelo a Roma

Restaurant in the center of Rome

In the heart of the Roman Prati area, the restaurant L’Arcangelo is the home of the Roman chef Arcangelo Dandini, where he proposes his traditional Roman cuisine, but according to his personal taste experience.

A stone’s throw from Piazza Cavour and the business road Via Crescenzio, the restaurant is a small Italian bistrot decorated with antique furniture and pictures of the chef’s family, which make the environment pleasant and relaxing.

An intimate and cozy gourmet tavern, where you can enjoy at your leisure, a special typical local dinner.


New Years'Eve Menù

Near the third millennium I draw heavily from the past centuries…
Arcangelo Dandini
Mantuan pumpkin soup with coffee and toasted spices
Scallops, oysters and cauliflower
Shrimps, sea urchins, hare and roots
Risotto, fish eggs, butter and candied lemon
White fish ``a spina`` mugnaia sauce; cuttlefish grilled artichokes and provolone
Onano lentils
Dark chocolate, citrus fruits, english cream with saffron
Cost of dinner € 90 per person, wine and drinks not included.
Deposit 30%. Telephone number required.

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La cucina di Arcangelo Dandini

The chef cuisine

Arcangelo Dandini definitely takes up an important role in today’s culinary scene, thanks to his passionate idea of the food as a language.

Tastes and scents of childhood’s chef, tell about the times when the satisfaction of eating well was essential on Roman and Italian tables. These elements, mixed up with the creativity and passion of the chef to enhance the excellence and quality of the ancient Roman cuisine, causing the creation of an innovative and traditional at the same time paltes. A unique taste!

Come to discover the special culinary artistry of Chef Arcangelo in his restaurant, in the center of Rome. Book a table and enjoyed a special dinner!

Arcangelo Dandini

Chef of Restaurant l’Arcangelo

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